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  1. Having had TSI-SCI security clearances, multiple lie detectors, access to very sensitive info as a norm, the release of sensitive data to our adversaries much less the issue of allowing them into the Oval Office without proper clearance with their own press, is treasonous. He needs to go. He needs to be impeached and then […]
  2. I keep a vigil in a wilderness of mirrors Where nothing here is ever what it seems Yuri Nosenko “Instead of being relieved to hear that the Soviets had not been involved in the assassination, James Jesus Angleton, the C.I.A.’s legendarily suspicious counterintelligence chief, and others in the spy trade thought Mr. Nosenko’s apparent defection […]
  3. This is a one-day course designed to educate corporate leadership and stakeholders in cyber and threat intelligence.  There is a general awareness of the need to establish intelligence functions. Many organizations do not have a fundamental understanding of what intelligence is, where the function should reside, how it is different from business and competitive intelligence while […]
  4. WikiLeaks release of CIA hacking information
  5. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to further their knowledge in the cyber area. It will also allow you to become a better intelligence analyst, as a whole.
  6. Four/Connect Four/Project/2011 – Assembly Language for x86 Processors 6e (Prentice Hall).pdf [2011_Assembly_Language_for_x86_Processors.pdf] 1.8 MB Engineering of Object Oriented Code.pdf Malicious Code Through Reverse Engineering.pdf Language Step-By-Step – Programming with Linux, 3rd edition (Wiley, 2009, 0470497025).pdf Disassembling Uncovered.pdf
  7. 2017 Training Dates Main Page to Treadstone 71 Training – 2017 1/30-2/3 Amsterdam – Class Completed 2/20-2/24-Chantilly – Class Completed Indianapolis area 6/5-6/10-Chantilly 7/17-7/21-Palo Alto 8/7-8/11-Chantilly 10/2-10/6-Palo Alto (or on demand including in-house or by location) Treadstone 71 is working with FS-ISAC for training in London, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. FS-ISAC […]
  8. Thurs 9:15 AM Moscone South 307. Treadstone 71 talk on adversary infiltration target centric DandD @RSAConference ‬ Register ahead of time for a seat Be there!
  9. HALF MOON BAY, CA (PRWEB) JANUARY 25, 2017 Treadstone 71 today announced a full suite of Cyber and Threat Intelligence and CounterIntelligence training courses. The courses drive the expansion of Treadstone 71’s accelerated, academically validated, intelligence training to global markets. Treadstone 71 delivers courses in California, Virginia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands and […]

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Treadstone 71 - We See What Others Cannot

The Cyber Intelligence Training delivered and created by Jeff Bardin adds rapid returns to both Cyber Intel Analysts, and Security Ops Centers.  Each student receives quality instruction and hands-on experience with today’s OSINT tools and intelligence tradecraft.  This is necessary for anyone new to Cyber Intelligence and complimentary to any Security Operations within your enterprise. This 4.5-day class provides the student with the resources and fundamentals needed to establish cyber intelligence as a force as both a proactive offensive step and a counter intelligence-contributing arm of your larger team.  – Antonio, 

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Upcoming Classes

  • 2017 Training Dates (
    • 1/30-2/3 Amsterdam - Class Completed
    • 2/20-2/24-Chantilly
    • 3/13-3/17-Indianapolis area
    • 4-10-4/14-Palo Alto
    • 5/1-5/5-Denver
    • 6/5-6/10-Chantilly
    • 7/17-7/21-Palo Alto
    • 8/7-8/11-Chantilly
    • 10/2-10/6-Palo Alto 
    (or on demand including in-house or by location)

    Treadstone 71 is working with FS-ISAC for training in London, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.

    FS-ISAC Sponsored Courses:

    Look for London training May 8-12 at
    Monday, June 19, 2017 to Friday, June 23, 2017
    Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training
    Reston, VA
    Monday, August 21, 2017 to Friday, August 25, 2017
    Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training
    Reston, VA

Students and organizations taught (non-inclusively):

AIB, American Express, Capital One, Commonwealth Bank, Bank of America, ING, NCSC NL, Defense Security Services, PNY, Dell Secureworks, HPE Security, EclecticIQ, Darkmatter (AE), General Electric, General Motors, PNC, Sony, Goldman Sachs, NASA, DoD, East West Bank, Naval Air Warfare Center, VISA, USBank, Wyndham Capital, Egyptian Government, DNB Norway, Euroclear, Malaysian Cyberjaya, People's United Bank, Baupost Group, Bank of North Carolina, Fidelity Investments, Citi, Citigroup, T. Rowe Price, Wells Fargo, Discover, Blackknight Financial Services, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Citizens Financial Group, Scottrade, MetLife, NY Life, Synchrony Financial, TD Ameritrade, National Reconnaissance Office, FBI, Stellar Solutions, Lockheed Martin, Harvard Pilgrim, State of Florida, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, Mitsubishi, Tower Research, Geller & Company, KeyBank, Fannie Mae, BB&T, Aviation ISAC, JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, Nomura International, ING, Finance CERT Norway, BBVA, Santander, Bank of America, Equifax, BNY Mellon, OCC, Verizon, Vantiv, Bridgewater Associates, Bank of Canada, Credit Suisse, HSBC, International Exchange, Vista Equity Partners, Aetna, Betaalvereniging Nederland, non-inclusively (as well as several other firms by proxy as they hire qualified intelligence professionals trained by Treadstone 71).

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