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    Cyber Intelligence and Counterintelligence Reference Guides

    Stakeholder Analysis, PIRs, What is Intelligence, The Lifecycle, Analytic Writing, SATS

    Taken directly from our industry-leading cyber intel and counterintel training, the reference guides cover all aspects of the intel lifecycle.

    Easy-access trifold guides offer brief yet detailed, tradecraft definitions, strategies, tips, process flows, and methods addressing core topics.

  • Q1 2022 Cyber Intelligence Training in the Tropics

    Cyber Intelligence, Cyber CounterIntelligence, Specialized Courses

    New dates coming soon- Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Fly into FLL.

    Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft - Certified Cyber Intelligence Analyst

    NEW Training  - Building a Cyber Intelligence Program

  • Treadstone71 has much more viable intelligence...

    More Viable intelligence over Fireeye and Recorded Future

    "I read your article on the discussion with Farzin Karimi. Really eye-opening." "Your training is comprehensive, detailed, and the best in the business." "Technology agnostic intelligence that is setting us up for prevention."

    "Expert tradecraft and knowledge transfer!" "Amazing insights on adversary tradecraft and how to combat their campaigns."

    "Treadstone71 has much more viable intelligence on the Iranian cyber threat landscape than even larger organizations like FireEye and Recorded Future."

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Effective Programs Drive Stakeholder Decision-making

Build Your Cyber Intelligence Program. Determine Your Intelligence Gaps. 

Targeted Adversary Research and Analysis

Who are they? What are their skills, capabilities, and motivations? 

CounterIntelligence Training and Services

Deception planning takes skill. Influence operations must be countered.

Detect, Analyze, Expose, and Counter Influence Operations


Identify operational content, assess for tactics and intent, determine how best to respond.

Seeking Course Content Providers

Treadstone 71 is seeking course content providers for cyber intelligence, counterintelligence, cyber HUMINT, GEOINT, IMINT, FININT, OSINT, All Source, Darknet, Strategic geopolitical/sociocultural intelligence, non-inclusively.

We are not seeking information security content providers. This is for our online platform at www.cyberinteltrainingcenter.com.

Course content is to be built in modules from 15 to 30 minutes each covering the approved topics. Following Analyze (AN), Collect and Operate (CO) and Investigate (IN) (not including FOR), of the NICE Framework is a good format starter.

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Help us define new courses for 2022:
Iranian Influence Operations - A Shift in Capabilities - Published Internally July 2021

Iranian Intelligence Services - The Sayad Project and Sayad 2 - Dissident & Foreign Support, Internal Targeting

The RFI process includes any specific time-sensitive ad hoc requirement for intelligence information or products to support an ongoing event or incident.


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The Beacon Series on Cyber Intelligence

Treadstone71 Video Library Contains a Wealth of Information and Media Video Related to Cyber Intelligence

We have gathered and produced a number of videos form the Beacon Series videos on YouTube and interviews with media companies including CBSN, Fox Live, and more. Click the button to view the video library.Cyber Intelligence Training and Cyber Intelligence Training Courses from Treadstone 71

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