• Adversary Targeting - Analysis as a Service - Counter Influence Operations

    Adversary Targeting - Analysis as a Service - Counter Influence Operations

    Analysis as a Service Retainer, cyber intelligence, cyber intelligence training, Adversary and Campaign Analysis, Baseball Cards

    Targeted research and analysis. Counter adversary actions before

    they attack your assets.  Counter their Influence Operations Adversary

    and Campaign pattern, trending, and tendency assessments.

    Learn how to apply counterintelligence tradecraft to change the narrative.

  • Fall and Winter Cyber Intelligence Training in the Tropics

    Cyber Intelligence, Cyber CounterIntelligence, Specialized Courses

    September 20-October 8 (December, January,

    February, March 2022)

    Marriott Luminary downtown Fort Myers, Florida

    Cyber CounterIntelligence, Cyber Intelligence onsite

    in the Tropics through April 2022

    NEW Training  - Building a Cyber Intelligence Program

    Training in Amsterdam - November 1-5 and 8-12, 2021

    Training in Amsterdam - Feb 28 - March 8, 2022

  • Treadstone71 has much more viable intelligence...

    More Viable intelligence over Fireeye and Recorded Future

    "I read your article on the discussion with Farzin Karami. Really eye-opening." 

    "Your training is comprehensive, detailed, and the best in the business."

    "Technology agnostic intelligence that is setting us up for prevention."

    "Expert tradecraft and knowldge transfer!"

    "Amazing insights on adversary tradecraft and how to combat their campaigns."

    "Treadstone71 has much more viable intelligence on the Iranian cyber threat landscape than even larger organizations like FireEye and Recorded Future."

  • Iranian Influence Operations - A Shift in Capabilities

    A Shift in Iranian Influence Operations Capabilities

    Iran, cyber, intelligence, influence operations, mois, vaja, irgc, sepah pasdaran, sepah, pasdaran, basij,

     Iran continues to mature their influence operations capabilities.

    Treadstone 71 takes a look at these changes listing

    Iranian modifications. New skills, new methods,

    and harder to track.

  • Cyber Intelligence & CounterIntelligence Short Courses

    cyber intelligence, cyber counterintelligence, training, courses, cpe, bundles, online

    First-quarter 2022, we will offer a by-the-piece series of courses covering all topics of Cyber Intelligence and CounterIntelligence Tradecraft.

    The courses will be offered individually and in bundles. The courses will be available at our training platform - cyberinteltrainingcenter.com. 

: Cyber Intelligence Consulting, Services, Program Building

Analysis as a Service, Reports and Briefs, Adversary Baseball Cards, CTI Program Builds, CTI Maturity Assessments, Interim Head of Intelligence, Intelligence Requirements, TIP Selection and Rollout, Client Driven Consulting

: Adversary Research and Analysis, Neutralize Influence Operations

We help you keep a common intelligence picture, identify threat tactics and methodologies, provide timely notice of imminent or hostile intentions that may impact your objectives, resources, or capabilities.

Intelligence, CounterIntelligence, Analysis Training

Cyber Intelligence, CounterIntelligence, Strategic Intelligence Analysis, Collection Management, Structured Analytic Techniques, Analysis, Analytic Writing, Open-Source Intelligence, Cyber Operations, Influence Operations

Iranian Influence Operations - A Shift in Capabilities - Published Internally July 2021

Iranian Intelligence Services - The Sayad Project and Sayad 2 - Dissident & Foreign Support, Internal Targeting

The RFI process includes any specific time-sensitive ad hoc requirement for intelligence information or products to support an ongoing event or incident.



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Treadstone71 Cyber Threat Intelligence and CounterIntelligence Video Library

Treadstone71 Video Library Contains a Wealth of Information and Media Video Related to Cyber Intelligence

We have gathered and produced a number of videos form the Beacon Series videos on YouTube and interviews with media companies including CBSN, Fox Live, and more. Click the button to view the video library.Cyber Intelligence Training and Cyber Intelligence Training Courses from Treadstone 71

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