• Adversary Focused  Analysis as a Service

    Adversary Focused Analysis as a Service

    Analysis as a Service, Adversary and Campaign Analysis, Baseball Cards

    Targeted research and analysis using iterative intelligence lifecycle methods incorporating objective intuition and structured techniques. Adversary and Campaign pattern, trending, and tendency assessments. Intelligence Tradecraft applied to the online world.

  • Standards Based Intelligence and Counterintelligence Training

    Standards Based Intelligence and Counterintelligence Training

    Cyber Intelligence, CounterIntelligence Training, Threat Intelligence, Strategic Intelligence

    Industry gold standard in-person and online training including collection manager training, analysis, structured analytic techniques, strategic and warning intelligence, forecasting and estimative training, certifications, threat intelligence analyst, OSINT, and analytic writing courses

  • Cyber and Threat Strategic Programs

    Cyber and Threat Strategic Programs

    Cyber Intelligence, Threat Intelligence, Strategic Intelligence, CounterIntelligence

    Efficient and effective end-to-end cyber and threat intelligence program build. Stakeholder and intelligence requirements driven strategic planning. Sustainable and contextually aligned to your requirements. Prioritized, continuously updated and focused on what you need when you need it.

  • Cyber Intelligence Lifecycle Management

    Cyber Intelligence Lifecycle Management

    Cyber Intelligence, Intelligence Lifecycle, Collection, OSINT, Analysis, Reporting

    Complete cyber threat intel program solution enabling information sharing while empowering lifecycle management with a continuous and iterative feedback loop. CounterIntelligence deception planning and execution.Cyber Threat Intelligence Common Body of Knowledge and Capability Maturity Model.

  • The Road to Intelligence Superiority

    Intelligence Community Standards, Strategic Intelligence, Advanced Targeting, Asset Validation

    Achieving cyber intelligence superiority can be a lonely road. Treadstone 71 is your compass to agile targeting and rapid results. Contextually aligned to your requirements with dynamic adjustments and continuous feedback.

  • Engaging Minds, Empowering Success

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Cyber Intelligence Consulting

: Cyber Intelligence Consulting

Maturity assessments, intelligence preparation of the cyber battlefield, cyber threat intelligence program reviews cyber threat intelligence strategic planning, program builds, cyber threat intelligence internal communities of interest, information, stakeholder assessment, intelligence sharing, tabletop exercises, intelligence lifecycle assessment, analytic writing reviews, analysis assessments, and requirements-driven intelligence analysis delivering forecasts and estimates for proactive defense. Up to 36-month cyber intelligence capability maturity model planning. Threat Intelligence Platform RFP development and lifecycle support.

Cyber Intelligence Research

: Cyber Intelligence Research

Baseline and Research Intelligence development, Warning Intelligence services, Estimative and Forecasting Intelligence, and High-Value Target research including STEMPLES Plus. Treadstone 71 Intelligence Research Retainer Service - Risk Transference for Passive and Active Collection, Cyber Threat Intelligence Research, Analysis, and Reporting, Adversary and Campaign Research including pattern, trend, tendency, semiotic, analysis and reporting. Adversary Baseball Card (dossier) development, Threat Matrix Development (from research and analysis), Executive Summary Intelligence Reporting.

Cyber Intelligence Training

: Cyber Intelligence Training

Lifecycle intelligence tradecraft training in our 11th year. Training in: Analytic Writing, Reporting, & Dissemination, Cyber CounterIntelligence Tradecraft, Certified Threat CounterIntelligence Analyst - Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft, Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - Collection Manager's Course, Intelligence for the C-Suite - Open Source Intelligence - Strategic Intelligence Analysis, Forecasting, Estimative and Warning Intelligence - Structured Analytic Techniques. Intelligence Lifecycle Process Improvement Training. Persona Development and Clandestine Cyber HUMINT. Specialized training on request.

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Treadstone71 Cyber Threat Intelligence and CounterIntelligence Video Library

Treadstone71 Video Library Contains a Wealth of Information and Media Video Related to Cyber Intelligence

We have gathered and produced a number of videos form the Beacon Series videos on YouTube and interviews with media companies including CBSN, Fox Live, and more. Click the button to view the video library.

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