Adversary Baseball Card and Dossier Service - Campaign Analysis

Adversary Targeting within our sphere of capabilities and expertise.

At Treadstone 71, we fully grasp the need to target and understand those targeting your environment and staff. The Cyber and Threat Intelligence functions along with Security Operations, Incident Response, and Red Team operators all need detailed analysis in the form of dossiers to execute their tasks.

The Treadstone 71 Adversary Baseball Cards service uses advanced targeting to build dossiers while analyzing adversary campaigns. We use intelligence tradecraft campaign analysis methods capturing threat actor information, their patterns, target trends, and their online tendencies. 

Treadstone 71 takes the time to fully plan the campaign analysis through collection management functions ensuring continuous feedback loops for adjustments to target collection.

We create dossiers on given targets as supplied using Treadstone 71 methods and techniques. The intent of the dossiers is to document the Internet attack surface of each target supplying an organizational risk profile for each dossier.

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Treadstone 71 releases its first public adversary baseball card.

Much has been written about Mr.Tekide to adjust the ide and his crypters used by APT34 (OilRig, Muddywater) and others. Other organizations have documented information about Mr.Tekide’s tools in ‘celebrated’ cyber attacks against Fortune 500 institutions, governments, educational organizations, and critical infrastructure entities in the West, the EU, Israel, and Sunni majority nation-states. 

Alleged Iranian hacker who aided cyber espionage attacks ... - Fox News

Adversary hunting that defines the phrase.

However, identifying Mr.Tekide, his background, locations, and his own words has never been openly accomplished. Many believe that following an individual does not pay dividends. Treadstone 71 demonstrates the alignment of Mr.Tekide to the Iranian government through years of support using crypters such as the iloveyoucrypter, qazacrypter, and njRAT.

Treadstone 71 started tracking Mr.Tekide in the early days of Ashiyane as we did many of the members associated with this group and those registering for their forums.  Soon thereafter we identified Mr.Tekide yet held back the identity from almost all entities, until now. The Treadstone 71 Baseball Card is the first publically released. The content is detailed. 

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  • We ensure confidentiality of purpose and
    relationship to you as a
    normal course of action.
  • We deliver reports
    securely with standard
    follow-up briefings.
  • We supply dossiers
    creating a close-up picture of the adversary, their normal activities, linkages, job and academic backgrounds based on available data.

Advanced Targeting seeks to create specific desired effects through adversary identification, data collection, analysis, and dossier creation. Target analysis encompasses all possible legal means to create desired effects, drawing from all available capabilities to create adversary baseball cards. 

The art of targeting creates desired effects with the least risk and expenditure of time and resources while performing campaign analysis of the adversary.

Adversary targeting is a fundamental task of the Treadstone 71 operational service encompassing many disciplines and demands participation from skilled intelligence operators with various technical, linguistic, and socio-cultural skills. 

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