Certifed Cyber CounterIntelligence Analyst

This course presents the student with foundational concepts and processes in the discipline of cyber counterintelligence with a focus on cyber counterintelligence missions, defensive counterintelligence, offensive counterintelligence, and counterespionage as these realms apply to traditional tradecraft, and how they are or will evolve into the cyber domain. The course includes a very different approach to counterintelligence using models exhibited online over the past few years to steer the conversation to the desired outcome.

8 to 12 Weeks - On-Demand - Online

Cyber Infiltration Propaganda and Fallacies Cyber Psychological Operations
Information Operations Media Manipulation Target analysis and manipulation
Standard Glossary and Taxonomy Charts, Graphs, Generators Authoring of blogs and articles for influencing
Mission-Based Counterintelligence Deception Planning Placement of specific concepts and phrases
Counter Collection and Anticipation Deception Chain Cyber Persona Layer
Denial and Deception Types of Denial and Deception Cyber Persona Development and Maintenance
Counter-Denial and Deception D&D Usage Character archetypes
Open Source Intelligence in Deception Operations Perception as Deception Establish the storyline
VPNs and Burn Phones (US Only) Avoid and Deny Establish the plot synopsis
Methods of Social Media Research Shifting the Conversation Story weaving and management
Social media demographics Forum Manipulation - COINTELPRO Target profiles – dossiers
Cyber Target Acquisition and Exploitation Social Psychology Target gap analysis
Identify Active Adversary Campaigns Persuasion Clandestine Collection Operation
Intent, Motivation, Goals, & Requirements Differences in Culture/Diversity Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
Passive data collection Hofstede Dimensions CI Insider Threat, Investigations
Campaign development Reciprocity and Consistency Guide to Underhanded Tactics
Vectors of approach Social validation Rules for Radicals
Courses of action Liking, Authority, and Scarcity Case Studies
Elicitation and exfiltration Rules of Disinformation Team Presentations
Memetic Engineering Information Warfare Content Creation
Operational Security MORE DETAILS BELOW
Event Date 07-01-2020
Event End Date 05-01-2026
Registration Start Date 05-24-2020
Capacity 1000
Cut off date 05-01-2026
Individual Price $5,299.00
Washington, DC (Arlington, VA) - Cyber Counterintelligence Training -  Certified Threat CounterIntelligence Analyst


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Validated and registered students will receive course information 1 week prior to the course start at a minimum. Prospective students must send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from a corporate or government account to validate course eligibility before registration. (Corporate accounts are not Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Mail, Hushmail, Protonmail, and the like). Treadstone 71 reserves the right to restrict course registration based upon certain risk factors.

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Treadstone 71 delivers intelligence community validated training. Our courses follow standards only taught in the US Intelligence Community fully adapted to the cyber environment. Our class have been taught since 2008 and are taught intelligence community professionals 

All Treadstone 71 courses include:

  • Hands-on case studies using cyber OPSEC methods for passive collection against adversaries
  • Deception Planning Guides and Methods
  • Certified Cyber Threat Intelligence program
  • 40 CPEs
  • Courseware and materials
  • High-quality instruction
  • Instructors who continue to do the job
  • Access to cyber intelligence program templates and forms
Event Date 10-12-2020 7:45 am
Event End Date 10-16-2020 3:00 pm
Registration Start Date 03-20-2020
Capacity 25
Cut off date 10-09-2020 11:55 pm
Individual Price $5,299.00

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