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Our In-Person courses cover intelligence, counterintelligence, influence operations, how to build a cyber intelligence program, geopolitical and strategic intelligence, open-source intelligence, clandestine cyber human intelligence, persona development and use, and operational security in online environments. 

Our courses include:

Analytic Writing
Building a Cyber Intelligence Program
Certified Cyber Counterintelligence Analyst - Influence Operations
Certified Cyber Intelligence Analyst

Cognitive Warfare
Critical Thinking and Cognitive Bias
Cyber Militias - Rapid Organizing and Execution Against Nation-State Aggression

Intelligence and CounterIntelligence - Cyberspace Lifecycle and Operations
Online - Basic Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft
Online Advanced Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft
Online Analytic Writing (Reporting and Briefs)
Online Certified Cyber Counterintelligence Analyst

Online Critical Thinking and Cognitive Bias for Cyber Intelligence
Online Intermediate Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft
Online Strategic Intelligence Analysis
Online Strategic
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Intelligence Analysis Plus Building and Enhancing Your CTI Program

Online Threat Hunting with TaHiTI and MaGMa
Strategic Intelligence Analysis
Structured Analytic Techniques

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