Strategic Intelligence Analysis
Forecasting, Estimative and Warning Intelligence

The link above is for the Strategic Intelligence Analysis Plus Building and Enhancing your CTI Program

The Strategic Intelligence Analysis, Forecasting, Estimative, and Warning Intelligence (online and in-person) course follows the iterative processes of the intelligence lifecycle. Strategic analysis requires a breakdown of the complexity analysts face during data examination. Keeping the analysis and results relevant is difficult. Analysts need to find ways to organize, rank, and present their findings. Analyst’s always keeping a close eye on what the findings will mean to the stakeholders.

This course teaches students how to think independently and stay away from the low level tactical approaches we see in daily reports. Strategic, big-picture reviews and assessments that incorporate the social, technical, economic, military, political, legislative, educational, and security, plus demographics, religion and the psychometric (STEMPLES Plus) aspects of an adversary are lost in today's world of current news posing as intelligence.  Lecture, Hands-on, Apprenticeship, in-class exercises, student presentations, analytic products, templates, course material—40 CPEs. Books provided by Treadstone 71 with some required read-ahead activities.

The link below is for the Strategic Intel Analysis Course.

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