• Cyber Intelligence Training
    Cyber Intelligence Training
  • Silent Warriors - Wilderness of Cyber Mirrors
    Silent Warriors - Wilderness of Cyber Mirrors
  • Interim - Virtual CISO Services
    Interim - Virtual CISO Services
  • Analytic Line of March
    Analytic Line of March
  • Denial and Deception
    Denial and Deception
  • Analysis as a Service
    Analysis as a Service
  • Methods of Analysis
    Methods of Analysis
  • Critical Thinking - Cognitive Bias
    Critical Thinking - Cognitive Bias
  • Clandestine Cyber HUMINT
    Clandestine Cyber HUMINT
  • High Value Targets - Reconnaissance
    High Value Targets - Reconnaissance

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Treadstone 71 - We See What Others Cannot

The Cyber Intelligence Training delivered and created by Jeff Bardin adds rapid returns to both Cyber Intel Analysts, and Security Ops Centers.  Each student receives quality instruction and hands on experience with today’s OSINT tools and intelligence tradecraft.  This is necessary for anyone new to Cyber Intelligence, and complimentary to any Security Operations within your enterprise. This 4.5-day class provides the student with the resources and fundamentals needed to establish cyber intelligence as a force as both a proactive offensive step, and a counter intelligence-contributing arm of your larger team.  – Antonio, 

Fortune 100 Company

Syrian Electronic Army - The Foot Soldier Exposures - The Cyber Shafarat

Post 1 SEA  //  Post 2 SEA  //  Post 3 SEA  //  Post 4 SEA  //  Post 5 SEA  //  Post 5B SEA  //  Post 6 SEA //  

Post 7 SEA  //  Post 8 SEA  //  Post 9 SEA  //  Post 10 SEA  //  Post 11 SEA 

Daesh Urban Cyber Warfare 


Cyber Intelligence Training - Contact us at [email protected] or register now at Registration for Atlanta - May 8-14, 2016 Now Open

Students and organizations taught (non-inclusively):

AIB, American Express, Capital One, Defense Security Services, Dell Secureworks, HP Security, General Electric, General Motors, PNC, Sony, Goldman Sachs, NASA, DoD, East West Bank, Naval Air Warfare Center, VISA, USBank, Wyndham Capital, Egyptian Government, Malaysian Cyberjaya, Discover, Blackknight Financial Services, Citizens Financial Group, Scottrade, MetLife, NY Life, Synchrony Financial, TD Ameritrade, Federal Reserve Board, Capital One

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  Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Services

  Treadstone 71 Expands Groundbreaking Services


Cyber Jihad - 2008-2011 Compilation Part 1


Cyber Jihad - 2008-2011 Compilation Part II


Iran Cyber Proxies and Capabilities 

Gaming as a Method of Jihadist Training








Treadstone 71 Cyber Intel Services / Training