Intelligence Research and Analysis Services
Annual Retainer Services for Targeted Research, Analysis, and Reporting

Social network targeting, data collection, production, analysis and reporting is very much center stage at Treadstone 71. Intelligence of any type must be applied if it is to be useful, and it needs to be actionable. In most cases, this implies that the intelligence has to be transmitted, communicated, shared and delivered with clear recommendations and opportunities to the client.


  • Focused collection, data segmentation, organized and prioritized
  • Structured methods of analysis ensuring data provenance
  • Scenario development and alternative futures analysis
  • Forecasted reporting and briefs

We deliver many covering the spectrum of your needs. Treadstone 71 integrates counterintelligence and cyber counterintelligence as extracted and analysed from essential elements of information. We perform baseline intelligence research to provide an information base against which to discover, validate, monitor, and assess your main threat actors (human and otherwise). The basic intelligence study is a research effort continuing over time to validate and revalidate threat actors while tracking the progress and effectiveness of the organizations attack surface. The research results in an intelligence assessment that details the threat, capabilities, and intentions of known adversaries.

We offer annual research, analysis, and reporting services targeted to your needs. We accept the risk you cannot in collecting information on adversaries using operational security effective practices. 

Treadstone 71 Intelligence Research Services

The research combined with stakeholder needs establish the backdrop for intelligence requirements We support your efforts delivering the following research:



Basic Intelligence (Baseline-Foundational-Research)


Intelligence Advisory

Intelligence Estimate

Intelligence Preparation of the Cyber Battlespace



Our cyber threat intelligence consulting and research methods follow intelligence community standards. The short video explains our process.

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